Radio Promotions

Clacton Radio promotions are a major factor in the success of local radio - and we mean Local.
An advert with Clacton Radio advertising your business, goods or service is easy, with over 181,000 listener hours daily, advertising on Clacton Radio really does work as a local station can be part of your success story, at a reasonable price.

We have a range of advert slots and show sponsorship options to suit all budgets.

We can broadcast your advert to our listeners  24 hours a day 7 days a week.

30 Second Advert Slot from £50 per Week* (8 Pack Promotion)
Show or Feature Sponsorship £55 per Week* (Show Promo package).
Roadshow appearances £200 ( 4 Hour ) Roadshow **

On air adverts are a great way to engage the public in your products, their launches, special offers, freebies with a purchase or just your company presence

They're fun - listeners love them and your business gets real exposure.
Some examples of promotions ::

Station Presence : Drive footfall to your business with Clacton Radio, just by mentioning your goods, retail outlet, or the fact that you are actually there.
Station Adverts : By advertising with Clacton Radio, We can place your advert to be aired EVERY HOUR, that’s a lot of adverts.
Show Sponsorship : Sponsor a radio show, with this you get a mention at the begining, and at the end of the show.. EVERY SHOW for the duration.
Sponsor a slot : With this you get to sponsor the weather or news spot, every time the presenter links to the weather or news, your advert will appear before or after the slot.
Roadshow : Our roadshow will broadcast LIVE from your location, for the duration of the show.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Whether it's the environment, recycling, safety awareness, education or improving local facilities, working together with your Clacton radio reaps huge benefits for any community focused business.
*Does Not include Production Costs
**Roadshow appearance with Radio Stage, PA, Presenters, Live on air show. Contact us for more details.

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