Mark & Colin

Mark has been associated with radio for a number of years now.  Mark and Colin are broadcasting from a hospital direct to you to bring you fun, facts, & fiction from London 5 days a week.

Joe Ortiz

Joe has his own take on life as well as music and everything else, if you were to listen to his shows, it will become evident that there is a lot more to Joe than just his good looks.

Martin Gee

Martin is a presenter that will make anything of nothing, entertain and confuse you.  Catch him on air where he like to give away things ... much to the stations disgust.



Crazy Al

Alan is just crazy, there is no other explination.



Owen Paul

Owens knowledge of the retro charts right from the 70’s up to the 00’s is truly breathtaking.  He will take you back to hear tracks you haven’t heard in years but remember all the words to them.

Pete Edwards

Pete is a man who likes his vinyl ... He enjoys the “Snap” “Crackle” & “Pop” that he gives away free of charge at every broadcast.  Catch a record that was huge at one time, but has since been forgotten

Pete Towns

Pete knows what makes people twitch in their seats, how get people in the mood, and to really get those emotions in motion ... His choice of Funky Soul, and tunes that will make you want to burn up the dance floor is exceptional


Paul Miles

Paul Miles is a familiar face both locally & nationaly as he presents a T.V show on Sky.  and he knows his 80’s stuff.  Tune into him and learn a few spooky revelations.

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