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Clacton Radio broadcasts news every Hour from 6am until 7pm as provided by sky News.Public 4379862_orig
Clacton Radio broadcasts local, national and international news as provided by The Clacton Gazette Newspapers.
Clacton Radio displays local news feed as provided by The Clacton Gazette Newspapers.
Clacton Radio Displays and Broadcasts travel news as supplied by Essex County Council Travel News.

Clacton Radio Holds licences applicable to the uk Broadcasting laws.

Clacton Radio has a schedule with reference to the hourly broadcasts upon the website

Clacton Radio playlists consists of 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 released records freely available to the public at the time of release and are played at random, with a restriction upon the same artiste or title being played twice within a 48 hour time frame. unless selected within a pre recorded segment of a program.

Station Contact Details.

01255 861 739 / 07931 300 117  Grove Road, little Clacton, Essex CO16 9NG

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